November 27

Whew! Without trying to be a kvetch, I am having one of those days where you simply cannot get caught up at work. Every time I come up for air, I get buried with another task. Oh well, I suppose job security is a good thing.

Jennie returns to the doctor in three weeks for a routine ultrasound and check up.

Not much else going on...

Oh yeah, here's a nice little teaser for you. Jennie and I have decided on our daughter's name. We are 99.9% positive that it is set in stone. The first name is 6 letters and the middle name is 4 letters. I have been patting Jennie's belly and calling the baby by her name for more than a week now. Is your curiosity making you squirm yet?

How apropos! Check out the diaper name...

LINK OF THE DAY: People are dying to leave Japan!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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