November 14 ( 23 weeks pregnant )

Jennie and our 23-week old mango are relaxing at home today.

Do you have one of those guest rooms that gets way too cold in the winter and way too hot in the summer? Well, that describes our baby room (or child's jail cell) to a tee -- it happens to be a scant 9 foot by 10 foot room with a 12 foot ceiling! If the dimensions were not bad enough, the irregularly, oversized front window is capped off with one of those half-moon, semi-circular jobbies at the top. So, Jennie is sewing a custom valance for our "half moon" window today (with hopes of regulating the room temperature a little better). I guess we should be happy the windows have no water or drafty air leaks, right?

Less than a week until Jennie's next doctor visit and ultrasound...

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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