November 24

Jennie, the baby, and I have eaten until we nearly popped this holiday season. We visited my father and his wife (and my step-brother) for an unbelievable Thanksgiving feast! We teased our taste buds with enough food to feed a small army. The glistening, deep fried turkey met our lips with much delight. The homemade vegetable side dishes and casseroles were plentiful. We were truly grateful to get stuffed...

Yesterday, we drove up to upper, east Tennessee and visited with my Grandmother & Grandfather Chandler (my mom's folks) and I got to spend some quality time with my Grandmother Tilson (my dad's mama). Afterwards, we celebrated my Uncle Cecil's 65th birthday at the best BBQ place around, Ridgewood, in Bluff City. I cannot say enough good things about how delicious the food tasted. We capped off the evening touring the Bristol Motor Speedway's 'Speedway in Lights' show.

Jennie is doing great.

LINK OF THE DAY: Wii want to play...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Colonialhead said...

Hey guys,
Hope Thanksgiving was great for you. We ate till we popped too! I'm done until Christmas I think.

Talk to you soon,
Mike & Tori