November 30

For those of you who have not already guessed our daughter's name, here's another clue: (Wheel-of-Fortune style)

D _ _ _ _ _       _ _ S _       T   I   L   S   O   N

I will add another letter each couple of days until her name is apparent.

Yesterday, Jennie and I walked along the sandy beach, gazing out to sea, and reminisced over how we really want to settle in a warmer climate. Tennessee has been great for us, but I think we ultimately want to relocate to Florida. Maybe it is simply a pipe dream, but I have always dreamt of several fifty foot royal palm trees in my yard encompassing my imaginary, in-ground swimming pool.

Tonight, my Mom and step-Dad took Jennie and me to a great "hole in the wall" restaurant featuring live Americana music as we enjoyed hearty burgers and beer.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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