November 7 ( 22 weeks pregnant )

I would be remiss if I forgot to wish my first cousin, Lisa, a happy birthday today! I usually remember birthdays and anniversaries for my immediate family and friends, but I cannot forget Lisa's as she is almost exactly a "duck egg" (decade) older than me. While she is ten years and three days my senior, I will be a gentleman and not reveal her age! hehehe

Today is Jennie's 22nd week of pregnancy. Wow! While the days seem to be flying by now, the protrusion in Jennie's belly is growing ever so slowly. According to, our daughter is still less than a pound in weight and less than twelve inches from head to toe.

The Predators (7-7-0) hit the road tonight for their biggest test of the year. Facing the dreaded Detroit Red Wings (11-2-1), tonight's contest should be a difficult match up for Nashville. While Nashville considers Detroit a rival (due to all of the General Motors' employee transplants here in Middle Tennessee from Motown), Detroit has never considered Nashville a threat over the years. Beating the Red Wings can be compared to getting your first kiss; it is bittersweet, but you ache for more and can never get enough!

Should you proof read your child's homework?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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