November 16

Jennie woke up today with a sore throat and runny nose. I will make sure she takes it easy this weekend -- we need her healthy for Turkey day!

UPDATE: Jennie wanted me to correct my earlier posting error. Her grandfather did not assemble or sculpt the century old desk we are using for a baby changing table. He simply bought it during his life and probably applied some Old English to it. Hehehe, I told Jennie it sounded much more interesting to say that he made it...

Deal struck in them there hills!
Yahoo! The new Predators buyers (led by David Freeman) and the City of Nashville (Mayor Karl Dean) have finally signed an agreement to amend the arena lease. Now that step 1 (the largest hurdle) of 5 has completed, the remainder of the purchase should take less time to conclude. The next item of business (step 2) will be for the Metro Council of Nashville to approve the purchase agreement.

Why is this important? The current, lame duck owner (Craig Leipold) has invested $0 in advertising this season, trimmed payroll by gutting the team to the salary floor, cried an impecunious ballad of tears, and generally appears to have no concern for the viability of the hockey team.

I pray this town of flaneurs decides to get on board with the new ownership. It would be nice to see some new blood actually attend a few hockey games per year. Without an increasing fan base, this team will surely be relocated in three to five years.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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