January 12

Jennie and I are about to leave for the Super Baby Shower at Babies R Us.

Last night we relaxed at home in front of the TV. We played Super Mario Galaxy on our Wii in cooperative, 2 player mode and had a blast!

More later...

AFTERNOON UPDATE: 3:47pm Oh well, we are back at the ranch. Let's see, we received a coupon for a free half gallon of ice cream at Publix grocery store. And, oh yeah, some free samples of lanolin cream. Woo hoo...

In all honesty, there was nothing "super" about this Babies R Us event. Two or three small vendors and a grocery store promoting their bakery were present. During the lengthy "Ideas for planning a Baby Shower" presentation, Jennie and I nearly sawed some logs. We could have missed that one -- after all, who plans their own baby shower? :)

No big deal. All things considered, it was nice to get out and walk around a bit to stretch out our legs.

Jennie's parents are bringing supper over for us tonight as we enjoy the Predators hockey game on the tube.

LINK OF THE DAY: TheMishMash - a motley assortment of things...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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