January 21

Tossing and turning in my sleep, I dreamt of Jennie giving birth last night. I woke up this morning officially nervous and it's not even February yet! Overcome with emotion and callow thoughts, I had a mini-anxiety attack in the shower (my mind raced through tons of "what if" scenarios -- will I forget to pack Jennie's hospital suitcase, will I forget the camera, will I leave the garage door open as I rush her to the hospital, will her water break in Wal-Mart, etc). Is it normal for me to get nervous about Daphne's arrival so soon? As long as I keep busy for the next 50 days, I should be fine. I suppose this means I am finally starting to feel like a Daddy.

Jennie and I are dying to know if Daphne will have my signature butt chin or if she will have our squooshed, little pug nose. We are simply anxious to meet her.

In 29 to 50 days, we shall know...

Always read the fine print!

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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