January 15

Less than two months to go.

This time last year we began preparing for IVF (initial consultation, socking away money, researching pro's and con's). Over the years, we tried various ovulation predictors, numerous pills to increase fertility, and several cycles of IUI with no luck. While I would never wish fertility problems on my worst enemy, there are several blessings for which I am grateful: (1) Jennie and I will never take our future children for granted and (2) most importantly, we will never have to worry about getting "fixed". No vasectomy or tubal ligation (tubes tied) for us! I work with folks that constantly complain about birth control and getting "fixed".

It really does feel like an eternity has passed since I gave Jennie daily injections of progesterone in her rump. I still recall the shudder of excitement as I peered into the high powered microscope (viewing the two embryos before they were placed inside of Jennie via precision catheter). Ten years of crossing our fingers and pacing the bathroom floor while the monthly pregnancy tests all came back negative really took a mental toll on us. And now, we are 35 to 56 days away from a healthy, happy little miracle baby Daphne!

Have a great Ides of January and stay warm!

Who wants some chocolate pudding?

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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