January 25

Anxiously, Jennie and I begin our childbirth education course tomorrow morning and graduate Sunday as fully-fledged childbirthers! Now that the time has come, I am really glad we opted for the two day version instead of the one hour per week for several months version. In my humble opinion, the "cram everything into two days" class trumps the "Oh God, will this ever end?" class. I don't know what to expect (other than the 40-lb strap-on belly and all of the various breathing exercises). Phoo-phoo-phoo phee-phee-phee, PUSH, PUSH... how hard can that be, right?

This is what I expect to wear...

Jennie spent the afternoon shopping with her mother. Just the thought of shopping all afternoon wears me out, so I imagine Jennie must be a little pooped. We are about to get into some cozy pajamas, pop in a DVD, and relax on the sofa.

I believe Jennie's work is throwing her a baby shower on or around February 11th, but (to the best of my knowledge) my work has not even begun planning a shower. I suppose I should not be too terribly concerned (maybe they are planning a surprise for me?). With all the showers I have attended the past few years (for co-workers and spouses of co-workers), I hope they do something special. Jennie deserves it.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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