January 23 ( 33 weeks pregnant )

Jennie's doctor visit went well today. Her weight and blood pressure readings are fine. And, although her iron level is now in the normal range (11.0), she will continue taking the daily iron supplement.

Today, Jennie and I celebrate our 126th wedding anniversary (yes, that's monthly). Once again, she won our little game (as she does most every month) by calling me at work and quickly squeaked, "Happy Anniversary!" before I could even say, "Hello?".

Each morning, I have the same old routine. With coffee in hand, I promptly sit down in front of my work computer to key in a small blog entry (technically, before I am even considered "on the clock"). But today, I received an "8e6 - Blocked due to content" message while trying to pull up anything with the word "blog" in the URL. I cringed with horror... no blogger, no message boards, nothing. Hmm, websites containing Flash graphics were first restricted, then streaming radio zapped, and finally, any type of streaming video website was locked down and prohibited. Is big brother censoring my every move?

So, now, I am unable to write my daily diary entries at work. Also, they have blocked and Digg considering them unnecessary and unproductive. Call me a whiner, but I am furious and terribly angry at our Network Nazis! By profession, I am an internet web developer (Senior Java Developer & Analyst) for Christ's sake! If I were a great chef, would you take away my spatula and skillet? If I were a dentist, would you replace my drill, Novocaine, and spit sucker with a pair of rusty pliers and a tin can? Oh well, my griping does nothing but raise my blood pressure and kills off valuable, much needed brain cells. But do I feel a little better? Not a chance...

If you listen really hard, you can hear me sulking.

My workplace is quietly becoming the Hitler of computer services...

LINK OF THE DAY: This is the ridiculous, censoring product (R3000 Internet Filter) that my workplace insists on using.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Lizz said...

That really sucks! Sorry Dave! If I were you, I'd make some sort of appeal about censoring web 2.0 things as a hindrance to your research and thereby making you less productive instead of freeing up your time as they seem to think this move might do. Glad to read that Jennie and Daphne are doing well! Take care and let us know if things get better at work! Good Luck!

Clay said...

That is typical for that place isn't it? Those guys seem to be a bit old fashioned and lazy. Why not set up a different profile for the IT staff instead of lumping you all together with the agents, the call center, and and all the rest? It would be more work, that's why.

There ... I finished your rant for you! Ha!

Very sorry for that. Hopefully they'll change their minds. Next thing you know they won't let you access anything but your own sites!