February 10

All of my prenatal chores are now complete (additional white-wire shelving hung in two locations, closet rod installed, attic flooring finished, closets organized, etc). Well, I am finished until Jennie revises my "honey-do" list of course. Renovating my home gives me great satisfaction, but I still make time to play with my Nintendo Wii. Once Daphne is born, my Wii may accumulate some cobwebs. Who knows?

Jennie is down to her final three days of work (before her maternity leave goes into effect). Foot and ankle swelling seem to be her only issue, but it's been under control today. Reclining on the couch after supper, Jennie's belly quivers each night like an alien is under her skin.

My maternal grandfather passed away this morning before 7am. Thankfully, his departure occurred painlessly during his sleep. I will be attending the visitation and funeral later this week. Ten years ago this month, Alzheimer's claimed the life of my paternal grandfather.

Beloved grandfather Anison Chandler -- 93 years, 8 months
May he rest in peace. We love you and will miss you, Grandpa.

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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