February 2

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea what Jennie had in store for me. For years, we debated the pros and cons of finishing our attic floor. Our house may have a huge attic, but hopping from stud to stud (while hoping not to slip and fall through the sheetrock) was unproductive. Stowing away Christmas decorations, luggage, camping equipment, and boxes should not be so difficult and disorganized, right?

Well, Jennie's Dad graciously helped me bring all the attic junk downstairs and we formulated a plan with strict measurements. Measure twice so you only have to cut once...

Jennie's "honey-do" list kept growing. Since we are in a "home fixer up" mood, why not add some more of those handy white wire shelving things to our closet and the laundry room? Oh yeah, Daphne's closet could use some work, too. And, we were just getting warmed up.

As I sit here and write this entry, the attic is about 90% complete. While I still have to screw down the 5/8" plywood and return all the "junk" back to the attic, all of the cuts have been made and all the wood is in place. Effectively, we have added over 100 square feet of usable, necessary storage space!

In fact, maybe I can hook up one of those little refrigerators and haul a La-Z-Boy up
there? Attic space should be cozy and inviting.

LINK OF THE DAY: How computer spam works...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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