February 27 ( 38 weeks pregnant )

Jennie's doctor visit is tomorrow morning. A final, routine ultrasound will be performed next week during her week 39 visit (assuming Daphne has not yet been born).

Today the Smile Mommy Cloth Diaper Service visited our house for an initial consultation. While "out and about" in public, we still plan on using disposable diapers sparingly (we did receive some disposable Newborn and Size 1's at our Baby Showers).

The diaper service will provide, pick up, and launder 80 cloth diapers per week for us. Yay! We will help do our part to keep extra Pampers and Huggies out of the landfill. And, better yet, the service will come to our house weekly to empty out that stinky, air tight diaper pail. So, we will get the benefits of cloth diapers without having to constantly run the washing machine.

Jennie is still coughing up a lung each night, but her ear pain, pink eye, and other nagging cold symptoms have subsided.

LINK OF THE DAY: Symptom Checker... what's wrong with your body?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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