February 20 ( 37 weeks pregnant )

Full term! In my best Homestar Runner voice, "Wow, can you believe it?"

Daphne will be born any day now and should be fully developed at this time (basically, she's just adding weight or baby fat). At my work, we have a pool going for her birthdate. No money involved, just bragging rights. I personally think she will make her introduction on or around March 5 (39 weeks). A lady I work with *swears* that the full moon will be a big factor, but that would be today! Maybe the new moon on March 3 will cause Jennie's cervix to efface? oh well, Jennie has not had lightening yet (that's where the baby drops) and she is not dilated at all, so she still has some time left.

Jennie received an eye drop prescription for her "pink eye" today. Hopefully, her left eye will heal soon! Meanwhile, yellow goo continues to accumulate along the edges of her eye.

Jennie has been applying heat to her right ear this evening. It is clogged and aching with a shrill hum.

Amazingly enough (knock on wood), I am still healthy.

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

I'm personally voting for March 3!! Hope all is well! Take care!