February 5

Twenty-two funnel cloud sightings were confirmed tonight as tornadic activity pounded the mid-state area. All the while, Jennie and I were safely inside the Sommet Center watching the Nashville Predators defeat the Carolina Hurricanes, 1-0. Driving home after the game, the temperature was still 73 degrees outside! Can you believe it's early February and warm enough to wear shorts? It will probably snow tomorrow...

Jennie's 35 week, routine doctor visit is scheduled for Thursday. The good news is that Daphne continues to grow and actively kick, but the bad news is that Jennie's hematocrit level has fallen below 11. Her reading today was a 10.6, so she is borderline anemic again. Jennie is already taking a double dose of iron each day, so I cannot imagine what the doctor's recommendation will be.

REGISTRY NOTE: We are de-registering from Burlington Coat Factory's Baby Depot due to their restrictive return policy. So, please, we urge you NOT to shop the Baby Depot...

It's Tornado Time in Tennessee!

LINK OF THE DAY: Nine Secrets Health Insurers Don't Want You To Know...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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