February 8

I had my Adacel vaccine today after work. Apparently, pertussis is at an all time high and if you are around a newborn, you should be immunized at your local walk-in clinic.

Jennie's doctor told her that the 36th week is officially the "grumpiest" week of pregnancy. Uh oh... hehehe. I better be on my best behavior! If Jennie wants to eat a marshmallow and pickle sandwich topped with blueberry jam, I will oblige. No craving will be denied. To boost her iron, Jennie devoured a bacon cheese bison burger tonight for supper. Yummy.

Remember how my spleen was "slightly" enlarged last week? No worries, Davey is fine and dandy. My medical lab results came back normal a few days ago. The only questionable result: my cholesterol reading was borderline high at 190.

Giggle of the week: have you ever watched a 35 week pregnant lady paint her toenails? Funny stuff. I offered to help, but Jennie wanted to do it herself (and honestly, I can't say I blame her -- she's a much better artist).

In a few weeks, Jennie will have her body back. And, she seems excited to finally get a good night's sleep again.

Chillin' in the tub...

LINK OF THE DAY: Find the meaning of any acronym or abbreviation...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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