February 28

Yahoo! Jennie is officially dilated. The doctor told her that her "cervix is getting nice and soft" and the cervical dilatation is fingertip. I know, I know. Reaching 10 cm is still a jagged cliff to climb, but our journey is nearly complete.

Jennie also saw her primary care physician today in regards to her recent ear infection (due to sinusitis, I believe). She was given a prescription for some antibiotics and ear drops to use for 10 days. Other than "on-again, off-again" laryngitis and a wonky ear infection, she seems healthy. I, on the other hand, am unable to sleep due to my persistent cough and sore throat. Yay, great.

Daphne is still kicking up a storm each night between 8 and 9:30pm.

We STILL have not packed our hospital suitcase. I really hope I can convince Jennie to help me pack it this weekend. Otherwise, I predict a stressful day where we make that final trek to the hospital.

Talk about great timing, my car's "Check Engine" light came on earlier this week. During lunch, I slid over to the local Auto Zone to have them do a free reading on my car's computer (they retrieve the offensive engine code with that little handheld thingy). Guess what? My O2 sensor has gone bad yet again. This is the fourth time in less than 2 years. Maybe the Subaru Legacy does not like the air quality here in Nashville? Or maybe the mechanics around here are applying a band-aid patch to a bigger problem with my car? Poor old Jennie offered to take my car to the shop tomorrow early (she will sit in the lobby bored to tears until her mother can pick her up a few hours later).

My car is acting up again...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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