February 15

Jennie and I are facing a busy weekend ahead. A hockey game, a baby shower, and lots of planning for upcoming baby birthing (e.g., suitcase packing, car seat installation, making lists, lists, and more lists). Hey, we just might make a list of our lists, just in case.

On Sunday, a small gathering of family and friends will shower Jennie at our house. Some friends of ours are coordinating the entire affair with a Mexican Fiesta theme (a really cool idea for a baby shower, eh?). I am terribly excited as we are serving Sangria, Dos Equis, and Corona Extra for those inclined to imbibe! Nevertheless, non-alcoholic punch and other soft drinks will be available as well. Being a connisseur of snacks and all things edible, I anxiously await to see the variety of snacks, goodies, and food items served. If you gain a pound or two, the party was successful!

After a lengthy day of work, Jennie feels like she has hippo feet. For those of you who follow HomeStarRunner, Jennie resembles Strong Sad. I kid, I kid...

Well, my Wii is calling my name. I need to take advantage of these quiet, pre-baby times. I would hate to be accused of Nintendo neglect. :)

Have a great weekend!

Need to give your baby a continuous patting?

LINK OF THE DAY: With all the political smear ads beginning to air, who is lying?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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