February 11

Jennie works late tonight, but I can tell she is thrilled to have only two shifts remaining (before her maternity leave kicks in).

Pardon my forgetfulness (Jennie calls it "placenta brain"), but did I mention that week 36 is supposedly the "grumpiest week" in the entire pregnancy cycle? Jennie's doctor told her that I should be aware of this week and to watch out.

UPDATE: Doh! All I had to do was scan down to my February 8th entry to see that I am repeating anecdotes. Sorry about that... I will blame it on evening blogging. My mind is quite cloudy and not creative at this twilight hour.

I can only imagine how my life will change in less than a month...

In as few as 9 days or as many as 30 days, Daphne will be sleeping in my arms.

Have a happy Monday!

Baby straitjacket?

LINK OF THE DAY: Can artificial sweeteners make you fat?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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