September 12 ( 14 weeks pregnant )

Happy Hump Day!

Today is the final day of no hockey for the summer. With training camp opening tomorrow, I will be able to enjoy the punishing body checks and highlight reel goal scoring once again. After a tumultuous summer of ownership change speculation and relocation uncertainty, the business side can be placed on the back burner and the on-ice product will take center stage.

Jennie received a suspicious postcard in the mail over the weekend from the Advisory Council on Child Safety. It said, "please join us at DoubleTree Hotel for the Getting Ready for Baby show featuring a gift bag worth over $100". Well, Jennie and I believe you never get "something for nothing" so we began researching. It turns out that this is a SCAM -- similar to the high pressure sales tactics of time share selling. No offense to anyone who actually likes time shares (I just prefer to stay away from them myself). The "Babee Tenda" products (overpriced cribs and high-chairs) are presented and pushed on new parents using out of date safety information to scare the future parents into spending thousands of dollars. Oh yeah, and the $100 worth of free gifts is nothing more than an envelope full of coupons (i.e., JC Penney portrait studio, etc). What is this world coming to?

One week from today is Jennie's next ultrasound and doctor visit!

LINK OF THE DAY: 10 photos taken at the right moment...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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