September 17

Let me begin by stating the baby is fine.

Jennie and I had a scary, stressful Sunday. We began the day with a nice breakfast and completed some small chores around the house (nothing out of the ordinary). Around 11am, we decided to take a small power nap to re-energize ourselves. In a panic, two hours later Jennie woke me up suddenly to tell me she was bleeding significantly...

I scrambled to find the doctor's phone number (how come it's hard to find something when you need it?) and rushed the phone to Jennie. Our only thoughts were miscarriage. I was truly frightened and I can not even imagine how this made Jennie feel.

Unfortunately, it turns out the answering service was not made aware of a rotation switch so the doctor on call did not call us back for over an hour. We finally arrived at the Baptist Hospital Emergency Room around 3:30pm and got Jennie checked in.

They checked her vitals, performed a urinalysis, and the ER doctor performed a quick ultrasound and pelvic exam. He showed us the baby was fine (it was kicking and turning with a strong, vibrant heartbeat). He pointed out the "spine is fully developed and looks fantastic" and "the blood is flowing through the baby's aorta beautifully".

We were released a little after 5pm, but we have no real explanation for the bleeding. Though, Jennie still continues to spot blood.

From our own online research, we have determined that Jennie either has: a ruptured capillary near her cervix, partial placental previa, an irritated cervix, or placental abruption.

Today we will speak to Jennie's doctor and hopefully, we will know more...

Her next scheduled doctor's visit is Wednesday.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

(Too tired and stressed to have a cute little graphic or link of the day, sorry)


marnie said...

hey guys!! so glad to see everything is ok!! couldn't get you off my mind yesterday!! can't wait to hear about the ultrasound on wed! talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave. That IS good news. We've been wondering if everything's okay, and I didn't think of checking your blog until just now when Kishore reminded me that you had it. Kishore and I are sitting here, and we're relieved. Hopefully, we'll see you tomorrow...

(Daniel and Kishore)

Clay said...

Oh my gosh, that had to be a very frightening event! I was wondering what was going on when you didn't blog yesterday.

I'm so sorry that you guys have had to go through this and I certainly hope and pray for you that things go well on your visit with your doctor.

Get some rest, and we'll be praying for the best!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that things are alright! Rest and hang in there! Take care!