September 24

Today marked the 30th anniversary of the maiden voyage for the TV show "The Love Boat". Go ahead and pull up a bar stool. Let old Isaac pour you a drink while Captain Stubing takes us out to sea. I was only a kid when these episodes were on in prime time, but it still seems like yesterday.

Anyone remember the show Fantasy Island with Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) and Tattoo (Herve Villachaize)? I always wondered if this show was trying to be a manifestation of heaven with Roarke playing God. The "Island" itself seemed to possess supernatural phenomena. Great show, I suppose! Well, not bad for 1978...

This is the week of season premieres for TV shows. Which series are you most looking forward to watching? Heroes, CSI: Las Vegas, Two and a Half Men? Personally, I am most anxious to see the return of LOST in January.

Jennie only works a couple of days this week. Not a whole lot else going on -- work, chores, watching the tube. I am trying my best to keep her relaxed and well rested.

Before you can say Rumplestiltskin, I will be changing poo diapers and wiping away the sleep matter from my bloodshot eyes! I cannot wait... :)

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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