September 26 ( 16 weeks pregnant )

This is the week where Jennie should begin to feel "popcorn popping" or "butterfiles fluttering" in her belly. She keeps anticipating the baby kicking, but it only turns out to be gas. We are both excited to rub her belly once the kicking is a frequent occurrence.

Jennie's parents left for a two week vacation a few days ago. We are graciously dog sitting their dog, Copper, while they relax and play golf in Florida. Yesterday, Jennie called me at work horrified. Copper had apparently "rolled around" in some aromatic fecal matter and had become quite noisome. As she was making Jennie gag and dry heave, I gave the dog a couple of thorough bathings after work.

Only 29 more days until Jennie's next ultrasound and the day we find out the sex of our future child!

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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