September 19 ( 15 weeks pregnant )

Today marks another milestone. The 15 week ultrasound is finally upon us. A very slim possibility exists for us to learn our baby's sex today. After weeks of believing it to be a girl, Jennie is starting to have doubts. Healthy development is the only certainty I care about at this time.

Without trying to jinx us (knock on wood), Jennie's spotting has completely stopped. Maybe the doctor will have a diagnosis today?

Maggie got her ears lowered yesterday (shaved completely) and now she resembles an oversized, pet rat. The groomer gave her an "F" on her doggie report card as she continuously growled and nipped at fingers during her trim. If you shaved my butt, I would probably growl at you, too! :) hehehe

Enjoy your hump day!

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Clay said...

Best of luck today at the doc's! Definitely anxious to hear how it goes.

15 weeks pregnant said...

Best of luck and don’t feel nervous. I am 15 weeks pregnant now and had my check up done yesterday. I am excited and eagerly waiting to hold the little cute in arms.