September 13

Today is a glorious day for an old hockey roue like me! Hockey season officially opens today for the Nashville Predators with physicals and other off-ice activities.

I spent a few hours mowing my yard and pulling every type of weed imaginable last night, but you can barely tell. I have my work cut out for me this Fall (eliminating all the crab-grass, ouchy thistles, and volunteer trees from various mulch beds all around my house). I really dread digging up the fairly established, yet dead shrubs in my back yard (even though I supplied water, Mother Nature's never ending 105 degree heat was too much to propitiate the lawn). Did you lose any plants or shrubs?

Poor Jennie had an absolute egregious day at work yesterday! Many more of those and I honestly believe she will be enjoying her pregnancy from the couch holding the remote control...


LINK OF THE DAY: Top 10 freeware applications nobody knows about...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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