September 7

Another dreary, overcast day in paradise! The clouds above are salient with rain, but only a mere sprinkle has fallen the past few days. I keep crossing my fingers and toes that we will enjoy a nice "gully washer" over the weekend! It would be supernal to sleep during the melodious trickle of Mother Nature's tears.

Tomorrow will be the first Saturday Jennie and I have "slept late" in nearly a month. She is still suffering from nausea, fatigue, and "pregnancy brain" (also known as forgetfulness). Otherwise, Jennie is doing well and appears to be in good spirits.

Jennie's morning sickness is now occurring randomly throughout the day. Some days she might have several episodes and other days, she is fine...

LINK OF THE DAY: Have you damaged your lungs from eating microwave popcorn?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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