September 27

Jennie has not been sleeping very well the past few nights. Whether heartburn or "twinges in her hinges" occur, she is beginning to question if her OBGYN knows her stuff. She has been spotting blood (with no apparent explanation from her doctor) since Monday. I mistakenly reported that it had "all but stopped" earlier in the week. In fact, it never stopped completely; it just got lighter, but now it's back again. "Ruh Roh, Shaggy" -- in the voice of Scooby Doo.

Jennie called her doctor this morning to see if she might be able to drop in for a quick exam. The medical packet given to new patients says, "bleeding during pregnancy is not normal. If this occurs, please call us at once". But, when she visits her doctor, they always reassure her, "oh, your situation is normal" and "don't worry, the baby is healthy".

I feel like a typical, helpless husband. Nothing I can possibly say will make her rid her doubts and feel like she's having a normal pregnancy. Then again, I am starting to wonder if there is even such a thing as a "normal" pregnancy? Trying to use reason and logic to soothe and comfort is a fallacy. Emotion and logic are like oil and water.

Have a wonderful "the-last-Thursday-of-September"! hehehe

AFTERNOON UPDATE: 3:30pm Jennie called me after her doctor visit today. The doctor performed an extensive ultrasound and they listened to the baby's heartbeat. Jennie saw the baby open it's mouth several times and flip around (very active). The doctor said nothing is wrong with the baby and Jennie may bleed off and on for the duration of her pregnancy, but not to worry. I am relieved that our baby is doing well...

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