September 6

Yesterday afternoon, Jennie vehemently dry heaved into a plastic grocery bag. She called me at work and questioned when this "morning sickness" would subside. Everything I have read indicates the second trimester is supposed to be a "feel good" time with only occasional, mild heartburn and activity returning to normal.

This morning Jennie heard Maggie (our Cairn terrier) barking outside by our garden. Scurrying down the deck stairs, Jennie spied to see if Maggie had located a baby bird or a feral cat. Lo and behold, Maggie was looking up at back corner of our house. Our puppy dog, protector of the manor, had found an intruder! The culprit? The relatively new Dish Network satellite dish affixed to our house... hehehe Maggie still barks at vacuum cleaners, door bells ringing (especially ones from TV commercials), and when someone knocks on a wall or cabinet, so why not the satellite dish too?

Ever had a dream where you woke up laughing, but once awake, you had no clue why you were giggling? This happened to me three or four times last night. Maybe Wendy's puts some kind of "laughing" dream chemical in their salads?

A luxurious colony for the birds...

LINK OF THE DAY: The joys of power napping?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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