September 4

After 1,400 miles of round-trip driving, Jennie and I made it home "safe-and-sound". I will share some anecdotes of our journey around lunchtime today. More to come later!

First, I must get caught up with several hundred emails here at work...

EVENING UPDATE: As I strolled into the house after a long day of work, I realized the blog was calling my name. After dinner, Jennie and I will continue unpacking from our trip to the eastern coast of North Carolina. It was nice to see everyone under one roof -- twenty people, three dogs, and a raccoon!

My new brother-in-law, Lance, and his bride, Daina (my sister) were wed on the beach Saturday just before dusk. Jennie and I left the reception a little early (she was feeling a little nausea). While we enjoyed playing in the ocean (Jennie's first aerobic activity of her pregnancy), nothing can compare to sleeping in your very own bed after a long road trip!

LINK OF THE DAY: Are you too smart for your own good?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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