September 21

Happy Autumn! Actually, this Sunday marks the Autumnal Equinox, but why not celebrate a little early? It seems like with each passing year, our Fall season in Tennessee continues to shrink. As scorching temperatures in the humid 90's suddenly plummet to the bitter, frosty 30's, Mother Nature cozens us with only a mere week or so of enjoyable, temperate weather.

Last night, Jennie and I savored the Predators as they skated to a spirited, 5-3 victory. Although Atlanta and Nashville dressed many of their younger and "on the bubble" players, the game still had a professional feel to it. The unveiling of our new $3.6 million JumboTron seemed to go over well. For a 10 year old team not supposed to win many games this year, the Predators outworked a Thrashers team loaded with young talent. Only time will tell how the Predators perform this season, but the recreant Canadian media has already written us off before the first puck hits the ice.

LINK OF THE DAY: How much does piracy cost us? Let's make up a number...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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