September 28

Jennie's visit to the doctor yesterday yielded four new ultrasound photos! I will try to get a few of those scanned in this weekend and post them for your viewing pleasure.

A friend of mine sent me a kind email and had some excellent theories regarding Jennie's off-and-on bleeding. I had honestly not even considered the fact that losing one of the two embryos implanted might have produced the healing purge. Here is what my good friend had to say:

It is possible that since you guys had two embryos implanted, and are now only (pregnant) with one, that what is going on with Jennie is the purging of the other. Blood vessels are very delicate in the 1st trimester in that area too so she could be rupturing them regularly. Hang in there and if the Dr. has seen the baby several times now and says everything is fine, then the baby is most likely just fine.

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

Have a super weekend! Since Autumn is Jennie's favorite time of year, I plan on toting her around this weekend in the fresh air...

LINK OF THE DAY: An all-purpose guide for airport snoozers?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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mom said...

Be careful totting. don't know what the doctor said, but I believe if I were Jennie I would keep my feet up as much as possible. You can tote to her.