December 10

Drum roll please! I am about to unveil my unborn daughter's name for those of you who do not excel at cryptograms. Ready?

We have decided on the name: Daphne Rose Tilson. Several family members have given us grief over the name (poking fun), but Jennie and I love the name. So, that is all that matters!

After a weekend filled with chores and little sleep, I must admit that I am extremely exhausted. Hey, it's great practice for the future as Daphne will have dirty diapers and will be hungry at all hours of the night, right? Unfortunately, I see no relaxing in the short term either. We have a hockey game tonight and a full week of cleaning the house for my Dad and step-Mom, who will visit us this coming weekend.

Have a stress free Monday!

LINK OF THE DAY: Everyone needs a meat hat!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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