December 20

If anything exciting occurs at Jennie's ultrasound today, I will post an afternoon update.

Today marks the annual Dirty Santa and Pot-luck lunch at my place of employment. It's hard to believe this is my fourth Christmas with this nationally known, auto insurance firm. Picture this scenario: a bunch of IT geeks sitting around (myself included), stuffing our faces with comfort foods while unwrapping various DVD titles and swapping until we all leave with an item we will most likely re-gift. I have learned that a DVD is a much safer return on your investment. A few folks always try to get cute and give an undesirable 4-cup coffee maker from the 1980s or a handmade, fuchsia picture frame with elbow macaroni glued around the edges. It is MUCH safer to select a DVD or a small envelope containing a gift card to Lord knows where.

Sorry for rambling, I am trying not to be discursive. Jennie has officially begun her third trimester and is doing well.

Last night I tried shining a bright flashlight all over her belly, but Daphne did not jump (as suggested). Jennie thinks maybe she has a little more "insulation" than the average pregnant lady. But, I think she is just fine.

Can I open my gifts yet?

LINK OF THE DAY: Paper Bag Sports Fan

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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