December 17

I woke up today to no accumulation of snow. Our local news channels went on and on last week how we were to get snow this past weekend. Nope, nada. But, it did frost outside and poke down to the low 20's. I suppose the ground was too warm for anything substantial to stick anyway. Maybe we will see some flurries around Christmas?

Jennie and I hosted a dinner party this past weekend for her parents and my Dad's significant others. Everything was made from scratch except the wine! We began with a house salad, followed by zucchini & carrot a scapece, and finally, a hearty beef and Italian sausage lasagna with garlic bread. As Jennie treated the guests to her homemade shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate, I took care of cleaning the dishes.

Jennie's next doctor visit will be this Thursday morning.

LINK OF THE DAY: Mental Floss : feel smart again...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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