December 21

Just a few more days until Christmas! You have only four shopping days left to buy that perfect gift (a deluxe, heated toilet seat made from the finest splinter-free cedar, or that autographed by Emeril set of Ginzu knives you have been admiring, or even that must-have 1.75 liter bottle of aged Ouzo with golden flakes). hehehe

My favorite Christmas present (Daphne) arrives in March 2008 from the stork. This little, perfect gift comes with no assembly required and no batteries necessary. But, she will graciously produce 10 to 12 dirty diapers per day! And, for no additional charge, she will come with an unpredictably high pitched, 100+ decibel cry. Jennie and I are anxiously excited to experience the sleepless nights of colic and teething.

Yesterday, Jennie had a routine (28 weeks) doctor visit. Everything is fine and dandy. No ultrasound was performed, so I will continue to proudly display the last photo I have of Daphne on my desk at work from the October 25th visit (20 weeks). The doctor listened to Daphne's heartbeat with a monitor and answered a few questions. Jennie should find out the results of her hemoglobin test today. Being borderline anemic, Jennie has been taking extra iron supplements since the week 24 visit.

MORNING UPDATE: 9:35am CST Jennie's lab results just came back. A few weeks ago, her initial hemoglobin was a 10. The normal range begins at 11 (so they determined her iron was a little low -- borderline anemia). Her supplement boosted her value to 10.6, so she's still a wee bit low. The doctor is not terribly worried, but Jennie will continue taking the extra iron pills. And, I can see more red meat (steaks, etc) in her future!

Jennie's next doctor appointments will be on January 9th (31 weeks), January 23rd (33 weeks), and February 6th (35 weeks). We are signed up for a "childbirth class" at our local hospital occurring the final weekend of January.

Merry Christmas to you!

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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