December 28

Today is my father's 39th birthday! As he was born in 1945, this marks the 23rd annual celebration of his 39th trip around the sun. It's funny how no one in my entire family ages beyond 39!

Last night Jennie and I attended an exciting hockey game. The Predators scored the game winning goal with approximately a minute and a half left to go in the match. With each passing game, Jennie is finding it more difficult to fit in the arena seats without overlapping into my chair. Luckily, last night was not a sellout, so we could stretch out a bit (with no one on either side of us).

Random anecdote:
Several weeks ago, a large group of suit-wearing, middle-aged businessmen sat behind Jennie and me at a Predators game. At first, I was able to successfully "tune them out" as they chatted non-stop. While fidgeting and fumbling their concesssion items amongst themselves (e.g., "Hey Bob, pass me some peanuts, will you?", "Sure, Joe, why don't you help me eat these chili cheese nachos? Paw out a few...", "I just bought Neil Diamond's greatest hits on CD for my new Hummer!", "Why, Frank, I dropped some hot dog toppings in your beer! Sorry about that", "Jo Ann and I are shopping for a new vacation home in the mountains.", etc, etc), they basically did everything except watch the sport in front of them. Jennie pointed out a strange observation. She whispered, "Notice how one will say something like 'Hot Dog' and at least five others will repeat it quickly like a bunch of parrots."

So, now when we see people talking excessively during the game, or God forbid, sending endless text messages instead of watching the game, we look at each other and repeatedly say, "HOT DOG!" hehehe

Inside jokes are great.

Hot Dog!

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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