December 5 ( 26 weeks pregnant )

If you are like me, a mild panic has already set in. Yes, I am referring to Christmas shopping procrastination... (at least this year I have a valid excuse, right?) I have yet to begin any Christmas shopping for my family. Oops! Gazing into my crystal ball, I see gift cards and various online gifts in their future.

Last night Jennie attended another lengthy Babies R Us seminar on baby routines and behavior. When she got home, we examined her bag o' freebies and pamphlets. We now possess enough car sun shades and other various disposable samples with the Babies R Us logo to supply a small commune.

Our home alarm is being upgraded today with all new equipment. With a new baby coming along, we wanted the piece of mind for fire, police, and emergency protection. The existing, ten year old equipment was beginning to fail regularly -- in fact, we have had several false alarms over the past year. The last occurrence on November 9 deployed an ambulance with EMTs to our driveway while we were out to dinner. Unless my dog has grown opposable thumbs to request an ambulance, I believe the old equipment was on its last legs.

I am not Jewish, but Hanukkah begins today!

LINK OF THE DAY: Some great conspiracy theories (if you want a chuckle)

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Clay said...

Oy vey!

Someone's a bit verklempt it seems ...

Clay said...

Never mind, I see you removed his post.

He was kind of a jerk.

Colonialhead said...

Hey guys. Glad to hear everything is still going smoothly. A couple of things:

2.) I know the feeling about not even starting the Christmas shopping yet.
3.) What the heck is Babies R' Us?

Dave said...

I removed the original "Oy Baby" picture as the creator was a little touchy (to put it politely). I suppose I should be more careful selecting images off the web to entertain family and friends. :)

Anyhoo, Babies R' Us is a nationwide store chain owned by Toys R' Us. We have 2 here in Nashville -- they are THE place to get almost any type of baby crap...

Dave T.