December 18

Jennie has yet another Babies R Us seminar this evening after work. I have already committed to curling up on the couch and reading my sixth Harlan Coben book. I am constantly going through phases (two years ago it was assembling 3000+ piece jigsaw puzzles, last year it was tiling floors, and a few years ago, it was gardening & botany, and now, my latest fad is reading serial killer novels). I guess there are worse hobbies? I still find time to manage several fantasy hockey leagues and keep up with the latest hi-tech, computer gadgets. It seems the more you do, the more you are capable of doing.

Oh well, I have rambled on enough for today. Daphne is still kicking up a storm inside of Jennie's tummy.

My work is having a dirty Santa party and a pot-luck lunch Thursday. Hopefully, I will have new ultrasound photos to post after Jennie's doctor visit.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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