December 13

Where does the time go? Days continue to fly by, one after another. Surrounded by loved ones, I hope you thoroughly enjoy the holiday season.

Last night Jennie was craving fish tacos, so I took her to Blue Coast Burrito. They produce the tastiest fish tacos in middle Tennessee! Lightly breaded fish is cut into small bites and delicately placed inside a double-wrapped corn tortilla with chopped cabbage, red onion, and a spicy, white sauce (similar to a horseradish mayo). Drizzle with the juice of a freshly squeezed lime and your mouth will be in heaven. Yummy!

After dinner, we made a quick side trip to the grocery store for two items. Nearly ninety minutes later, we concluded our shopping at 9pm with an overflowing buggy.

I reminded Jennie last night that she will be giving birth in 68 - 89 days. As Daphne routinely dances a jig on mommy's cervix and kindly punches her mid-section, I believe Jennie is anxious for that day to arrive!

My goal for tonight is to finish decorating the house and return the Christmas knick-knack boxes to the attic. Nothing terribly exciting.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Well, it appears that Jennie and I will be attending the Predators game tonight. Our good friends, Bill and Erica, have a sick child, so we are tagging along with Bill (as Erica nurses Ella back to good health). Hopefully, Nashville can put the biscuit in the basket and achieve a victory against the Colorado Avalanche.

Merry Christmas!

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

MMMMMMM! I love fish tacos! We have an awesome place in Martin that serves them up like they do along the Mexican coast- too yummy! Take care guys! Hope the Preds win for you Dave!