December 12 ( 27 weeks pregnant )

This morning began as one of those "let's press snooze four times" type of mornings. The winter wind howling and cold rain pounding against the roof make it easier to remain in the confines of your cozy, warm bed. Oh well, off to the salt mines to feed my family. Life is good.

After some major accomplishments yesterday, I am in much better spirits at work. I must have some sort of reverse brain chemistry disorder. While most people appear to stay continually depressed, I tend to lean more towards the manic side -- happy to be alive for each and every breath. Maybe my permanent grin stems from watching Jennie's belly pouch protrude with each passing week?

Happy hump day!

Feeling smart?

LINK OF THE DAY: Will you sell your soul to Microsoft?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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