June 10 - Day 31 of IVF

Well, I just finished moving everything back into our garage. It is certainly dry enough to walk on, but the instructions say not to park on it for at least 7 days. At sunrise, slave driver Jennie cracked the whip on me to get everything back in the garage ASAP -- as our front porch was starting to look like Sanford-and-Son. She's now unable to lift or push anything over 10 pounds, but she makes a great foreman sitting in her director's chair.

We got home pretty late last night after spending a nice evening visiting our friends Kevin & Kim (and two other couples). Summer barbecues are always a fun way to unwind and enjoy each other's company. Promptly at 6:30pm, Jennie was nonchalant about giving herself an FSH injection in mid-conversation with Kim, Heather, and me. In fact, Jennie was finished giving herself the shot before they even realized what she was doing. Quick, painless, and efficient.

I guess I better get outside and mow the backyard before Master Jennie catches me at the old 'puter...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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