June 13 - Day 34 of IVF

This morning Jennie will be having an ultrasound and an estradiol level check at 9:30am CST. She will find out the test results around 2 - 3 pm.

I will update today's entry at that time...

3pm UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Jennie. She said the nurse seemed pleased with today's results. Her estradiol level has risen from 72 to over 700 in a week! I have no idea what that means in English, but the nurse did say that some of Jennie's eggs were maturing a little fast. After this Friday's ultrasound, we should have a better idea of when "egg extraction day" will occur. The nurse instructed Jennie to cut back on her FSH dosage until Friday. We are interpreting that to mean she is progressing well enough. Keep us in your thoughts and stuff...

LINK OF THE DAY: Geography of Seinfeld

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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