June 20 - Day 41 of IVF

Egg retrieval done! Jennie is happily snoozing away between the dizziness and nausea. She has been given a good supply of Percocet and Zofran to help with the pain.

The doctor successfully aspirated 32 eggs for creating embryos. After I gave a fresh sample of swimmers, we can now say we are the parents of 32 cellular children...

Over the next few days, voicemail messages from the clinic will detail the progress of our embryos. The doctor feels fairly confident that Jennie will have the 5-day (blastocyst) transfer, as opposed to the 3-day transfer (in case the embryos are not doing well in the laboratory environment). Usually two embryos are implanted on the blastocyst transfer OR three embryos are implanted on the 3-day transfer.

Well, I need to go assist Jennie with a fresh, cool washcloth. She's still having hot flashes. Gotta run for now...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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