June 14 - Day 35 of IVF

Happy Flag Day! Most people seem unaware that today is a holiday -- to be technical, it is a federal observance and not a federal holiday (day off with pay). :)

Wow! Five weeks have passed. And yet, Jennie & I have only completed two thirds of the 56 day "IVF month". Jennie and I are trying to be cautiously optimistic -- everything seems to be moving along almost too good to be true.

Nothing new to report today. Jennie will learn more about her follicle development tomorrow. Just another typical blood draw, ultrasound, and estradiol level check.

Tomorrow and Monday should be Jennie's final pre-"egg retrieval" appointments. By Friday afternoon, we hope to know more details from the doctor.

LINK OF THE DAY: The ultimate Loch Ness Monster website

HONORABLE MENTION: Would landfill ice cream offend you?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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