June 6 - Day 27 of IVF

Sorry for "beating a dead horse", but tomorrow is Jennie's first of many big appointments. While we are nearly half way through the IVF month, it sure does seem to be taking a LONG time. Jennie has not been sleeping well -- partly due to anxiousness and keeping busy. She has been exhibiting the side-efffect of "nesting syndrome" the last week to 10 days. Instead of sitting down for any length of time, Jennie is constantly cleaning the house, reorganizing stuff she just organized, and throwing away old junk (i.e., making room for new junk).

As you can see here, Maggie is enjoying the warm weather. She never misses an opportunity to chase the visiting birds. Our little princess will be celebrating her 9th birthday (63 in dog years) on July 2nd.

LINK OF THE DAY : Local businesses to finally support the Predators?

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