June 22 - Day 43 of IVF

Waiting, waiting, and waiting some more... I keep looking at the clock and thinking, "maybe the clinic has left us a new voicemail about our embryos?" I'm usually not one to be overly anxious and this whole process is still very surreal to me.

Jennie appears to be feeling a little better with each passing day. She still grumbles and gasps as she tosses and turns at night --- her belly is still sore and bloated. Last night I cooked supper and we performed one of our favorite rituals: watching the tube and relaxing on the couch.

I will post a morning update just as soon as we receive a voicemail with news.

MORNING UPDATE: I just listened to the daily voicemail about three times. Our embryos are all at the 4-cell stage today. The IVF lab confirmed our 5-day blastocyst transfer for Monday at 10am. So, two blastocysts (embryos with 70-100 cells) will be implanted into Jennie this coming Monday! Yeehoo...

EDUCATIONAL LINK: How does a one-celled zygote become a baby?

LINK OF THE DAY: NHL Entry Draft coverage kicks off at 6:00pm CST tonight on Versus

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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