June 27 - Day 48 of IVF

Yesterday, 4 of the remaining 14 embryos we had in incubation were able to be cryopreserved. No explanation was given on the voicemail, but the embryologist assured us on Monday that only the finest specimens would be frozen for future use. We are grateful to have any at all, but thought the number would be higher.

So, 61 total follicles --> 32 extracted eggs --> 19 selected for ICSI --> 16 fertilized --> the top 2 were implanted --> from remaining 14, only 4 frozen....

Realistically, that's still pretty good and is above average. I have to constantly reassure myself that everything will be fine -- Jennie is "technically" pregnant and she will carry to term, no if's, and's, or but's. We have accomplished the hardest part and everything should be down hill from here on out, right? With the help of NFC, we have witnessed two new lives created and placed in her womb (even if they are only a week old today). Now, we need a huge favor from Mother Nature to get us beyond the next big step, the pregnancy test! I have never in 35 years seen a positive pregnancy test (and we have used those "pee on a stick" tests for nearly a decade). A week from tomorrow is our pregnancy test and it will be done via blood instead of urine.

Jennie has a progesterone blood draw today at 8:15am. It's nothing more than a routine visit to ensure her endometrium is being adequately provided with a healthy layer of natural "velcro" for embryos.

LINK OF THE DAY: History of the Pregnancy Test...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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