June 18 - Day 39 of IVF

61 eggs.

Today's ultrasound discovered over 5 dozen developed follicles in Jennie. Wow!!! She has at least 36 on her right side and at least 25 on her left with the largest being in the 27 to 28 mm range. It's now crunch time. Jennie will take her HCG injection this evening and prepare for her Wednesday morning extraction.

Less than 48 hours to go until my sperm get injected into Jennie's eggs with a microscalpel...

Depending on how the cellular division progresses, Jennie will be "implanted" with embryos on June 23rd or 25th.

I will post an afternoon update if we hear anymore news by voicemail.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: The clinic left a voicemail for Jennie with further instructions regarding Wednesday morning. Also, her estradiol level is a whopping 6,714!! She should be in some serious discomfort with those ovaries.

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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