June 8 - Day 29 of IVF

We began another home improvement project last night around 6pm. Oh boy, my arms are stiff and back is sore this morning! We spent the evening applying degreaser, scrubbing the floor repeatedly, and rinsing our garage. Yep, we are applying an Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Paint with specks and anti-slip powder. Once Jennie saw the way our friends (Mike & Tori) had painted their garage floor, she was hooked! I could see in her eyes right away that it would be a future project for us...

Yesterday, we were given approximations that Jennie would either have 3 embryos implanted on June 23rd or 2 embryos implanted on June 25th. It depends on how the harvested eggs react to their environment after the cellular division begins. This is also loosely based on a June 20th egg retrieval date. If all goes well, I could realistically have a family size of 5 (including Jennie & me) in less than a year. Oh brother, can you imagine all of those diapers?

LINK OF THE DAY: This is the Garage Floor paint we are using...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Colonialhead said...

Glad we could influence your garage makeover! hehe